Finding Raving Fans For Your Brand

Building an audience of raving fans is the best thing you can do for your business.

Raving Fans

So, the question is, how do we go about finding and attracting these raving fans to our new brand?  There are so many different ways to begin attracting your loyal, raving fans, so it really depends on your style, and how bold you're willing to be.


Below, you'll find a variety of ideas/methods our brands have used to attract raving fans. This should help provide ideas to get started doing the same within your brand.


The easiest and most straightforward way to attract these types of fans in your business is to simply be different from all of your competitors in the space.


Since you're most likely starting out your business with a fairly small budget, you won't be able to compete with the ad budgets these massive corporations have, which means you have to be creative in how you go about finding your fans in the beginning.


We've learned that the quickest way to differentiate your brand, and stand out amongst the competition, is to create both interesting and irresistible content.


I’m talking about the type of content you come across while scrolling through your social know, the type of content you just can’t resist clicking because you're dying to learn more.


There might be a hundred other things you need to get done at that very moment, but then you have that internal battle with yourself, and you say, “I’ll just read this really quick."


The next thing you know, you’ve gone down this rabbit hole of a funnel for the next 20 min (or 3 hours) and by the end you’ve pulled out your credit card, and you're wondering where the day went! Maybe you can relate?!


The key to creating this type of content is by making a GREAT first impression, right from the start. So whether a visitor comes to your website, is referred to you, or meets you in person, if your first impression doesn’t wow them, you’ll lose them.


Make sure your presence both online and offline is engaging, approachable and helpful while solving their problem in a unique way. Your audience shouldn’t feel like they can get what you offer somewhere else.


You must KNOW your audience and dig deep until you find out exactly what they are struggling with. Do your research and ask questions about their pain points. Then create irresistible social content, blog posts, youtube videos, etc. speaking directly to the challenges they are looking to resolve.


Imagine having a conversation with someone you met for the first time. One of you will share something the other one can relate to. That’s how friendships start. You want to do the exact same thing in all of your content you're publishing.


Share interesting things about yourself in your content, and even be vulnerable so that your audience can relate and connect with you.


If you’re quirky, or goofy, be quirky and goofy. If you’re sarcastic, show sarcasm through your content. Talk about what you’re learning, the mistakes you’ve made, dreams you have and fears you have.


BE HUMAN and infuse YOUR PERSONALITY into your brand. Share random facts about yourself or your staff members, if you have a team.


Provide an overall experience beyond the experience your customers expect.


Look for ways to facilitate conversations and make it easy for people to talk to you as well as each other. This is how you create community.


REMEMBER: Raving fans aren’t created the moment people discover you. They’re created by the comments you create for them over time. Which means you need to be consistent with your marketing efforts.


Consistency is the fuel that drives results. If you promise something, such as a weekly email newsletter, video or blog post, go above and beyond to exceed or at least meet their expectations.


Learning to become comfortable in front of the camera (if you're not already) is a skillset you'll want to develop, but the best skillset you can have to attract raving fans, especially if you're on a tight budget, is to become an expert copywriter. If you're not yet a skilled copywriter, I highly suggest you make this a priority ASAP.


I learned early on in my career that copywriting is a skill you can take with you, no matter where you go, and being an expert copywriter allows you to essentially print money on demand.


However, this will also take time, so if you're just getting started, you'll want to hire an expert copywriter right away. This may surprise you, but this person may very well determine whether your brand is successful or not.


In the Tools section of the blueprint you'll find resources and recommendations on how to interview and hire the best copywriters.


Now it's time to start creating irresistible content!  GET MORE INFO IN OUR FREE INNER CIRCLE MEMBERS AREA


Here are eight somewhat different and unique ways to start turning your customers into your biggest raving fans. 


1. Reject clients


It’s human nature to want what you’ve been told you can’t have. The more limited an item or service is, the more you value it, and if your customers feel they've achieved something by managing to get your attention for having earned the privilege of spending money with you, they’ll give you a lifetime of loyalty.


2. Have your clients do some of the work


This isn’t about you being lazy; it’s about involving your clients in a memorable experience.


Build-a-Bear is the perfect example of this technique. Over the course of their childhoods, children receive many stuffed animals, but none are as special as the bear they built themselves, selecting the fur color and other components.


3. Create your own annual event or holiday


Greeting card companies promote the heck out of Mother’s Day, and it's not hard to figure out why.


Give your customers something to look forward to and a fun association with your brand. Think about something along the lines of 7-Eleven’s annual July 11th free Slurpee giveaway. Or Ben & Jerry's free scoop day.


4. Go underground with raving fans


Throw parties and hold events that are exclusive to members or customers only.


We do this all the time with our different brands. It's a great excuse to get your customers together in one place celebrating your brand and it's also a great excuse to have a lot of fun!

5. Create your version of boot camp


The military and other organizations like fraternities and sororities create cohesion and loyalty by putting new recruits through a series of tests and challenges.


Let your customers know that your business runs differently from others, and that you'll require work and dedication from them. They'll soon realize they’re part of a special group, and they’ll feel invested in promoting your services.


Additionally, provide code words and emblems of membership to make customers feel like they’re part of the elite, special few who have made it through the initiation.

6. Encourage tattoos


Extreme? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely! Not only are folks who get logos tattooed on themselves acting as walking advertisements, they’re also absolutely certain to be loyal customers.

7. Be grateful and reward loyal customers, raving fans


People want to feel appreciated, and a simple thank you can go a long way. When you show customers that you genuinely appreciate their business, they will be more excited to purchase from you again in the future.


8. Let Your Customers Become Your Marketing Team


You're a new brand just getting started, so you may not have a large budget for marketing or be able to hire brand ambassadors.


Luckily, raving fans will often promote your brand for free by posting about your brand online and sharing your content with their friends.


Creating a loyal fan base can help you cut marketing costs and save time, which you can then spend focusing on building and growing your business.


9. Turn Mistakes Into Happy Customers


Even the best companies mess up every now and again, whether it’s by accidentally charging a customer too much or by shipping out the wrong product.


Regardless of the issue, when customers call with complaints or to ask for a refund, they will likely expect to have to fight to get their money back.


Instead, this is your chance to turn a problem into a lifelong customer. Surprise them by sincerely listening to their complaints and solving their problems painlessly.






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